Plus Size Shorts for Powerful Size Thighs – A Shorts Lookbook

I feel like shorts can be fraught with so many challenges. Finding the right pair is more than finding something that just fits (although that’s super important too!). It’s about how they look, what styles are out there, what to wear with them, and of course what shoes are the perfect match. So I decided to put this together to add to my plus size lookbook series. Since I’ve already covered bridal and swimwear, shorts were a natural next step.

My friend Joyniece of FlynFluffy and my lovely fiancee indulged my desires yet again and modeled alongside me for a lookbook I could only dream of. I’m honored to include their fabulousness. This lookbook doesn’t showcase shorts as fitting a specific gender or anything like that and “men” and “women” options are included. If you love this as much as I do, please, do me to honor of sharing.

Unless indicated otherwise, photos taken by M.K Moss Productions.

Lightweight Linen Shorts

Morgan wearing Universal Standard shorts and an Asos Shirt

Ok, y’all, these plus size linen shorts from Universal Standard are lightweight, breathable, and fit right above the knee. Morgan doesn’t like a fitted “feminine look” so there worked perfectly for her. And paired with ASOS button-down shirt (up to XXL men’s only), it has a casual yet uplifting vibe to it.

You can dress them up or down, depending on how you are feeling that day. The shorts are just plain sophisticated and versatile, the perfect pair for my boo. Shorts are available in sizes 00 – 40.

Buy your Universal Standard linen shorts here.

Shorts and Crop Top Set

Joyneice wearing a Rebdolls shorts set.
Photo courtesy of @flynfluff

When I mentioned this lookbook to my friend Joyniece of FlynFluffy, we started looking for shorts that would be a unique fit for this lookbook. Looking at Rebdoll’s, Joyneice was so excited about this set, a fitted crop top, and high waisted stretchy bottoms. This outfit is comfortable and boy does it make a STATEMENT!

If you are never sure what to wear with a pair of shorts, this set will put your mind at ease. Pair it with red sneakers (size 5.5 – 13), some simple makeup, and maybe a pair of red tassel earrings if your feeling like pushing it to the next level. Set available in sizes small – 5X.

Buy your Rebdoll plus size shorts set here.

Wide Leg Shorts

Chaya wearing plus size modcloth shorts

Modcloth came through with these linen blend, high rise, wide-leg shorts. Available in three different colors, they run a bit big but are also intended to fit loosely, as you might be able to see in the photo of me wearing them. These shorts have no stretch, but there is a stretch panel in the waistband to help with a comfortable fit.

I love the sash which works as an adorable belt. I wore it with a Modcloth white blouse and pair it with oblong turquoise earrings from Lucky and matching turquoise heels (up to size 13 wide). Shorts are available in sizes XS – 5X.

Buy your linen Modcloth shorts here.

Chaya and Morgan wearing Modcloth plus size clothing

Denim High Waisted Shorts

Plus size extended size denim shorts from catherines
Photo courtesy of @flynfluffy

Joyniece looks good in pretty much anything, but I was thrilled when she shared this photo for me to use in this lookbook. I’m a huge fan of pairing shorts like these, denim shorts from Catherines with a swim top. It’s such a fun way to mix up your wardrobe and bring fashion to the beach or anywhere else.

Joyniece paired them with sunglasses and a bikini top for Torrid, but denim shorts are versatile and can be worn with just about anything. Get these extended size shorts and wear them with this fabulous top, or even die dye that old t-shirt you have in the back of your closet. Available in sizes 0X – 4X.

Buy a similar pair of denim shorts here.

White Denim Short Shorts

Chaya wearing white denim short shorts
Photo by Dream Serene Photography

Ok friend, the white cut off shorts I ordered for this lookbook didn’t make it in time, so I decided to use some photos from last summer. Don’t let the white color put you off from these. White is perfect for summertime and cut off denim shorts are easy to wear and look amazing. I wore these all the time, and you should too. You can pair these with colorful shirts, bikini tops, or any unique t-shirt (like this one from Feminine Funk) that strikes your fancy. Sizes 00 – 24.

Buy a pair of luxury cut off white denim shorts here. 
Chaya using smoke bombs wearing plus size cut off shorts
Photos by Dream Serene Photography

Camo Cargo Shorts

Morgan wearing Lee camo shorts and riding her tricycle.

Morgan has always been a big fan of cargo shorts so these Lee Camo Shorts were right up her ally. We paired them with a Beauty has No Limits t-shirt from Shop Evolve (L – 5X) and of course, she wore her Birkenstock Milano sandals. She lives in those all summer! Morgan loves the loose fit on these shorts and the belt they came with. Loose and comfortable yet add some flare to her usual denim style.

Camo can be just as versatile as denim. While you can pair it like her with a simple single color t-shirt, you can also pair it with bold bright solid colors and accessories. If you are more “femme” these can still be an option for you. Try wearing them with a red blouse, red wedges, and dangling earrings. Available in (“men’s”) sizes 44 – 54.

Buy your plus size camo cargo shorts here.

Midrise Denim Shorts

Chaya wearing Lane Bryant plus size shorts and a plus size pride tshirt

I know that the denim shorts should be the focus here, but get a look at this pride t-shirt. Technically a sleep shirt, it’s loose and comfortable with a bowl neck. It was a perfect match for these denim, mid-rise, plus size belted shorts. I love that they are a blank slate.

Perfect for any fabulous accessories like rainbow star earrings and ASOS wedge heels. I can’t help but wish they were high rise instead of midrise, because that’s more my style but these might be yours! Available in sizes 14 – 28.

Buy your midrise plus size denim shorts here.

Chaya wearing Pride earrings, tshirt and plus size shorts

ASOS x GLAAD Unisex Set

Morgan wearing ASOS shorts and button down shirt set.

This unisex matching set with a button-up shirt and shorts is created in collaboration with GLAAD. All proceeds will be donated to the nonprofit. The plus-size set is made of soft jersey material with a slight stretch and an almost watercolor floral print.

Morgan felt and looked fabulous. The shorts have a stretch waistband and fitted through the knee. The button-down shirt features a large dramatic collar and designed to be worn untucked. Shorts are available in sizes XS – 4X (consult the size chart, these run very small.)

Get your ASOS x GLAAD set here. 

Chaya and Morgan wearing plus size shorts

Sequin Burmuda Shorts

Chaya wearing Eloquii sequin plus size shorts and white crop top

Ok, now this is some glamour right here. Hot pink sequin Bermuda shorts, belted and high waisted. The plus-size sequin shorts also come in a cream color and in black. I choose to pair it with a square neck cropped tank top, simple yet unique.

Added just a little flare with heart drop gold earrings, and a pair of my favorite Naturalizer white sandal pumps. These shorts are perfect for when you want to make a statement, go on a date or just be fabulous! Shorts are available in sizes 14 – 28.

Buy your own pair of sequin plus size shorts here. 

Levi’s Denim Shorts

Morgan wearing Levi's plus size denim shorts and a Feminine Funk t shirt

These masculine fit, denim shorts are my fiancee’s favorites. We bought two pairs back when we traveled to Mexico City and she has worn them at every chance she has. Paired with a Feminine Funk t-shirt, they are a natural fit for her style.

Morgan is short so they cover her knees when she is standing, but they are made to hit the knee. If you are just getting comfortable with wearing shorts, these are a good choice. Shorts are available in (“men’s) sizes 44 – 54.

Buy your pair of plus size denim Levi’s shorts here.

Gingham A-Line Shorts

Chaya with her back facing the camara wearing ASOS plus size shorts and an ASOS tshirt

So many shorts are either fitted or wide leg, so when I saw these a-line shorts in Gingham from ASOS, I knew I had to try them. I wore them with a simple white t-shirt knotted behind me. So comfortable and better yet, they don’t roll up do to their a-line style! I added gold heart earrings and wore my white Clarkes sandals.

These shorts are now only available in black (unfortunately). Buy them here.

Chaya and morgan wearing Asos t shirt with plus size shorts, and wide width sandals

Here’s what I learned about shorts. They can be dresses up or down, worn with fancy shirts, heels or Tshirts and flats. You can pair them with a crop tops, wear them to fancy restaurants, or even sometimes, to work. Sometimes you have to try a few pairs to find the right fit for you, but I hope this lookbook helps!

If you haven’t seen my other lookbooks, you’re missing out! Find my bridal lookbook here and of course, I have a swimsuit one too.

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