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My goal is to offer automotive education for regular car owners in an accessible and
easy-to-understand format and to encourage questions.

Are you looking to spice up your virtual educational offerings?

I’m an internationally featured automotive educator, featured in publications like Oprah Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Forbes, and Al Jazeera. With over seven years of virtual teaching experience and references from libraries, universities, and non-profits across the US, you’re sure to get a well-thought-out program that benefits the average car owner.

I offer eight different automotive programs so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. These programs are designed for a diverse audience, taught live by me, and run ~ 60 – 90 minutes. I’ve taught classes at libraries, universities, and nonprofits across the United States (and Canada, too!), including John Jay Criminal College, Vanderbilt University, LeMay—America’s Car Museum, University of California, and others.

Places Chaya’s Taught Include

Courses Offered

From budgeting to negotiating, this class walks you through the car buying process to get the best deal on the best car for you.

This class covers the foundational maintenance items, what they do in their specific systems, why they should be changed in addition to things like the owner’s manual, and what preventive maintenance even means.

Want to dive deeper than the basics? This class covers topics like tune-ups, transmission fluid, cleaning your car to protect your investment, amongst others. While this is often offered as part of a series following the “Why’s and When’s of Car Maintenance” class, you don’t have to take the first one to understand and benefit from the second fully.

Spending $700 or more on tires? This class gives you an understanding of tires beyond rubber, round and rolling. From maintenance to purchasing, this class will save you $$$ long term.

Often thought of as the “dad’s job,” teaching a teen the fundamentals should be a must before car ownership. Covers warning lights, when to tow a car, how to say no to a mechanic, and more.

The foundational elements of car insurance, what insurance companies are “best”, and what to do if you get into a car accident.

Finding a mechanic is made easy with this class. Delve into the differences between repair shops, how to choose the type that best fits your needs, how to find and build a relationship with a mechanic that will last a lifetime.

Electric cars are dropping by the dozen, but yet a majority of consumers still aren’t taking the plunge. Fears of running out of charge, spending loads of money on repairs, and sitting at the charging station for hours are abundant. But in reality, 97% of people who actually take the plunge report that they won’t buy another internal combustion engine again. This virtual class is a roadmap to making an educated decision. I’ll lay out the pros and cons, and do a deep dive into purchasing, buying, and maintaining an electric car.

Chaya Milchtein takes her decade of automotive knowledge and experience and packages it into one paperback book written with the average car owner in mind. There’s no jargon, no BS, and no patronizing attitude. In Mechanic Shop Femme’s Guide to Car Ownership, you’ll learn how to buy, insure, maintain, and sell a car, along with deep dives into finding a mechanic, tires, electric cars, emergencies, and more. Jill Trotta, an ASE-certified Master Mechanic and automotive industry leader, wrote the foreword and it received a rave review from Booklist.

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