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14 Black Owned Self Care Brands

As a society, we focus a lot on self care. The next time you buy something in the name of self care, why don’t you do it from one of these Black owned brands?

From hair care to makeup and skin care, candy and an olive oil subscription, you can treat yourself and support Black owned businesses while you do it.

Don’t just buy one product today and forget about this list, bookmark and share it. Make buying Black owned part of your regular shopping and self care experiences.

Some of the brands on this list are personal favorites. Others are new to me but have been around for years. Black owned businesses aren’t a new phenomenon. They’ve been around, you might have not prioritized knowing what they are or shopping from them. Now there is no excuse.

Beauty Bakerie


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Makeup that lasts, feels good and from a Black owned brand. “I don’t have to choose any longer between my looks and the precious moments that pass us by.  I can have my cake and eat it too,” Cashmere Nicole, founder of Beauty Bakerie shares on her about me page. Get yourself a lip whip from Beauty Bakerie today.

Strandz Unlimited


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Hair care for luscious, bouncy and nourished curls. Vegan, no artificial colors or fragrances, Tonya Fairly developed this hair care line with 30 years of experience under her belt. You’ll find shampoos, conditioner, hair oil and curl control cream, all carefully curated and made specifically with curly hair in mind. Even if you have a product you swear by, you should give this Black owned hair care brand a try. You’ll be impressed.  Shop Strandz Unlimited here.


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Tired of a sponge or loofah that doesn’t even get everywhere you need it? The Luv Scrub has you covered.  It’s long, flexible and used to allow you to exfoliate all parts of your body easily. Not just that, you can use the same one for up to 18 months without breeding bacteria. You only need this one product to clean and exfoliate your whole body. Buy yourself a LUV SCRUB here.

McBride Sisters Collection


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What do wine from New Zealand and California have in common? These two sister who found each other later in life and went on to found the largest Black owned wine company in the United States. When you are craving your next glass, buy from this Black owned winery.

Dragonfly Lake Scents


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Handmade, small batch, soap, body scrub, lip balm and the most incredible bath bombs you’ve likely ever seen. Mioshee and Tenise Greer-Monterio grow the herbs and flowers they use in their skin care products in their own garden, making sure the rest of the products are mostly locally and definitely ethically and sustainably produced. There 1600+ sales and over 150 perfect reviews speak for themselves. Buy your artisan self care and skincare products from this Black owned business here.

Star Magic by Ashli


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“@starmagicbyashli intentional candles are intentionally crafted and the perfect tool to assist you in manifesting your heart’s desires, whether you’re calling in love, abundance, or protection. Infused with intentional oil batched on a full moon, organic food-grade herbs, organic essential oils, cleansed & charged crystals, a little magic, and a whole lot of love, these self-contained works of art are handmade and eco-friendly.” Shop these stunning handmade intentional candles here.

Candy with a Twist


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If you are a fan of marshmallows, you must check out Candy with a Twist. This Black owned candy maker creates unique, custom printed marshmallows, wedding favors, custom gifts and of course, treats you can indulge in every single day. You won’t find these custom created designs ranging from marshmallows to hot chocolate kits and printed graham crackers anywhere else.  Buy your next sweet treat here.

EXAU Olive Oil


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Do you drizzle your salad, toast or pasta with olive oil? Why not buy it from this Black owned and internationally recognized award-winning olive oil company? Get the oil directly from one of the finest places on earth to grow olives, Calabria, Italy.  No GMOs, olives grow wild in this part of the world. The finished product is one of the best of its kind. Not just that, you can (like me) sign up for a quarterly subscription to get olive oil shipped directly to your front door. Buy your next bottle of olive oil from EXAU Olive Oil here.

Pride Lips


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This Black LGBT+ entrepreneur makes affordable, vegan and much loved lip glosses. At only $1.50 each, you can buy a few different flavors to suit every occasion. Buy your lip gloss from Pride Lips here.

Nailey’s Naturals


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Ethically sourced and breastfeeding safe skin care products and oils from this Black owned business include items like charcoal face cleaning bar and a calming serum for your face and neck. Nailey’s Naturals was created when founder Jessica El gave birth to her daughter who had sensitive skin. Jessica needed a product she can use that was safe for her daughters skin and to use while breastfeeding.  Now you can use these handmade skin care products too.

Entrepreneurs Color Too


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“The FIRST Adult Coloring book to highlight the beauty of black women and celebrate those women as being successful entrepreneurs.” If you need to get your coloring in this week, check out this company that is black owned and intentionally highlights black women being successful entrepreneurs. Get your coloring book here.

Nana’s Garden


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Jasmine (Jazz) Truesdale promised her self back in 2017 that she would no longer use store bought skin care products and instead try a more eco friendly route. In 2019 Nana’s Garden was born. “With plenty of research and time spent in her Nana’s Garden, Jazz realized most of everything she needed to create her own products could be found right there in the garden,” says Jazz Truesdale in her Etsy description. Buy oatmeal baths, rosemary smudge sticks, body powder, tea bombs and more from this Black owned business.

BLK & Bold


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Do you have a soft spot for quality coffee and tea? This Black owned business wants you to enjoy that incredible cup you need and know that a part of your purchase would go to a good cause. “BLK & Bold pledges 5% of its profits to initiatives aligned to sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness.” If you love Amazon subscribe and save option, here’s your chance to subscribe, save and support this business and the cause it stands for. Next time you think about restocking, shop this Black owned coffee and tea business.  

Decolonizing Fitness


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“Fed up” with spaces that “were unable and unwilling to provide me with the affirming support I need as a trans person in a larger body who also carries chronic injuries and medical conditions,” Ilya, a Black nonbinary trans masculine person, started Decolonizing Fitness. Join their Patreon for pre recorded workout videos for joyful movement while supporting this Black owned business. 

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Make a point with your shopping! Put your money where your mouth is by supporting black-owned brands, designers, and boutiques. No affiliate links were used in this article.

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