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Getting comfortable in front of the camera comes naturally to some people but to most, it’s a learned skill. Photoshoots are a wonderful way to mark major occasions in your life or just to celebrate you or your love. riverpalm.com I haven’t loved every photo I’ve had taken, but these days I like more and more of them. You asked for tips and this blog post delivers them. This isn’t the end all be all, just my thoughts collected over the years.

Plus size woman wearing a bikini sitting on the edge of a hottub
Photo Credit: Kelly Lenza
Sitting is generally not my favorite way of shooting, but these photos came out fabulously.

Wear Something that Feels Fabulous on Your Body

A big no for me has always been photographers who would request I wore specific outfits or colors that didn’t vibe with my personal style. I want to feel myself in front of the camera. Wear something that you feel looks great on you, wearing an outfit or even shows that you aren’t comfortable in will show in your photos. You won’t enjoy the process or the end result.

Find a Photography Method that Works for You

Do you prefer that the photographer assist you in posing, or who you rather do it yourself? I prefer that the photographer direct me at times. Worst case scenario there are a few photos that I won’t like. Usually I find new poses and angles of my body that I love. Once a photographer told me to pretend my hand was dancing. Getting instructions helps push me creatively and end up with unexpectedly great photos.


Pamper Yourself Before your Shoot

Do you wear makeup? If you do, think about getting it done professionally. You will feel like royalty and your calm and relaxed state will show up in your photos. I usually get my makeup done at Sephora. It costs nothing as long as you spend $50 on makeup while you’re there. The one on one session includes skin care, makeup and sometimes even a fragrance consult occasionally. My photos are visibly different when I feel relaxed and pampered verses when I rush and take little time to take care of myself.

Location Matters

When I started shooting, I would shoot at Prospect Park. I loved that park and it made me so happy. It had lots of different options for backgrounds and scenery – making it ideal for getting lots of photo options in the same place. Choose a location that fits the mood and style of the photos you want.

Experiment with Different Angles and Poses

We all have that one default angle that we prefer for photographs. Change it up a little, turn a little to the side or take photos from the back. If you usually stand try sitting. Someone once told me that women look fatter when photographed from below. The next time I had a photoshoot, I intentionally shot from below. The photos make me feel like royalty!

Chaya Milchtein standing on concrete ledge on a railroad area holding a truck tire in one hand and holding the metal ledge with the other wearing blue jeans and a black t shirt.
Photo Credit: Malia Howell

Take Some Shots that Aren’t Posed

If you are changing your hairstyle during the shoot, ask your photographer to shoot that. If you are buttoning up your shirt or reapplying your lipstick. Some of these photos will end up being your favorites because they feel so real.

Couples’ Photoshoots

Try speaking gently to your partner while you are shooting. Speaking about random things, whispering how much you love them or how beautiful they look will put you both at ease. That love will also radiate through the photos you take.

plus size interracial lesbian couple kissing
Photo Credit: Suma Jane Dark

Sleep on It

Don’t dismiss photos until you have looked at them twice. There are times when at first glance I hate ALL the photos from a shoot. Usually when I go back and look at them a second time I find ones to fall in love with.

Put Your Photos out There

Sometimes you won’t completely love any of the photos we get back. Put the photos out on your social media anyway. The feedback you receive from your followers, friends and family may have a positive effect on how you view the photos. Sometimes we don’t see ourselves the way that people we love see us. We focus on our “flaws” and they focus on the photo person we are.

Try Different Photographers

If you don’t feel comfortable and relaxed with the photographer you choose you probably won’t like the photos that come out of a shoot. Sometime a little trial and error will help you find the photographer that best works with you.

Chaya Milchtein from Mechanic Shop Femme leaning on her arm on a couch speaking through the leaves of a potted plant.
Photo Credit: Suma Jane Dark

Remember folks, every emotion you project comes across on your photos. You know what things you need to do to help you feel relaxed and beautiful. Do them. It will come through in your photos.

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