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Road Trip Readiness

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Oh gosh, this has been a long time coming! My partner and I are moving to Milwaukee, WI at the end of this month. In an effort to take a much needed vacation, we are going to take a week to drive from Brooklyn, NY to Milwaukee, WI. We will stop in Portland, Cleveland, Chicago and probably a few other places. There is so much to get done before we leave including getting my car ready and figuring out how to have enough clothing for the trip (we brought most of it to Milwaukee last week).


Clothing Prep: I really rely on Gwynnie Bee, which is a subscription for clothing that you rent! They send me a box with garments that I put into my virtual closet, and when I send them back, they send me more. I will pack only my under garments and the clothing I receive from Gwynnie Bee. As I wear the clothing, I just pop it into the prepaid bag they provide and drop it at post offices along my route. By the time I get to Wisconsin, I’ll have a new package waiting for me with clothing to wear. No washing, no fussing and I have a constant supply of new clothing to wear and shoot in.


Car Prep: Here’s the thing, while it may seem like doing a lot of driving will put a lot of wear on your car, newsflash, with a properly prepped car, it doesn’t. Highways driving is much easier on all parts of your car from the engine to the brakes.

Here’s a few things I am doing to prepare myself and my car for the 900 mile trip.


1. Do an oil change and multi-point inspection. You want to be sure your car is checked thoroughly before you get on the road. Bad brakes or worn tires can cause much larger problem while driving at high speeds.

2. Make sure all your tires have the right air pressure. Having low tire pressure increases the friction with the road causing a possible blow out.

3. Don’t put off changing your air filter. A dirty air filter decreases your MPG and doesn’t allow your engine to receive enough air to burn fuel at the correct level.

4. Buy a jumper cable to keep in your car. You never know when you will forget to turn the headlights off when you park or leave a door open. Nothing is more disappointing then getting to your car and it not starting. Cue the jumper cables, and you can ask anyone else with a car in the area to help you jump you car and go on your way. (watch for a short “how to” on boosting your car on my IG in the next week.)

5. Get a bottle of oil to top off your oil and have it in your trunk. Oil burns more when you drive long distances.

6. I get a clip for my car which holds my phone. That was you can easily watch your GPS.

7. Download the route you will be taking on google maps! This way if you loose reception you still have directions. (I’m looking at you Pennsylvania.)


I’m so excited to be headed into the next step in our adventure. Subscribe to follow the blog and join me on my journey. There is so much more to come including a Maintenance 101 class at the end of April!!

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