Comprehensive Tire Course


February 1st, 2021— 9pm EST

How much should you spend on tires? Do you have to do anything to maintain them? Is it as simple as popping them on my car and hitting the road? These are the questions we’ll answer in the second beta run of this comprehensive tire course.

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During my time at Sears Auto Center — and as a Michelin-certified tire specialist — I sold millions of dollars in tires. I was trained in all things tires, from the best for the type of driving you do, to how a tire is made. In this online class, I’ll offer a comprehensive look at everything from the best places to buy tires to whether you need a road hazard warranty. I know (and love!) tires forwards and backwards, and after this class, you will, too!

Monday — 75 mins.: 

  • How to determine which are best tires for the type of vehicle you have and your budget

  • Where to get a great deal when buying tires

  • How to maintain your tres so you don’t have to replace them as often

  • Do I really need road hazard warranty?

  • Should I get an alignment when buying tires?

This is the second run of this special-one day class. The prices reflect that I am beta testing this class using new software, Google Meets, to allow for live captioning.

What is the cost?

Class is sliding scale $19 to $59 payable via PayPal. This is an effort to accommodate a range of budgets and needs.  For more information about the sliding scale model and suggestions for what you should pay, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

I also have a scholarship fund for folks that can’t afford to take this class. Priority goes to people of color, trans people, and folks with disabilities. If you are in need of a scholarship, please email me.

When and where will this class be held? 

The class will be held via Google Meetings on February 1st at 9 pm EST. I will start the class and it will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. You’ll be able to ask questions live throughout the course of the class.

Additional information

Sliding Pay Scale:

Un/Underemployed, Paycheck-to-Paycheck, Living Comfortably