Before Your First Car: The Basics for All Drivers


Monday and Tuesday, August 7 and 8, 2023 at 9pm EST

Do you want to set yourself or your teen up for car ownership success? Hundreds of people have taken my car fundamental classes because they want to be better-educated drivers and consumers. Now you have a 101 option to ask all of your “silliest” questions, in a supportive environment.

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Ok, think about this: When you were of age to learn how to drive or get your first car, what car fundamentals did you learn? Did you pick up the information from a parent, the internet, and friends, or were you actually guided on how to be a responsible car owner? Or perhaps you still panic when the check engine light comes on, not quite knowing what to do. Today, instead of hoping that you or your teen will get it right, you can take a simple class that gives you that foundation.

Saturday – 90 mins.: 

Owners manual overview

Dash lights, and other things to pay attention to and listen for when you drive

When should you tow your car instead of driving

What car maintenance should you know how to do yourself?

How do you find a mechanic?

When (and how) to say no in a mechanic shop

Car buying fundamental know-how (not a full car buying seminar, just covering the very very basics everyone should know)

What is the cost? 

Class is sliding scale $39 to $159 payable via PayPal. This is an effort to accommodate a range of budgets and needs.  For more information about the sliding scale model and suggestions for what you should pay, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

I also have a limited amount of scholarship seats for folks that can’t afford to take this class. Priority goes to people of color, trans people, and folks with disabilities. Apply for a scholarship here.

When and where will this class be held?

This is an online class that is held in a private Facebook group. On Monday and Tuesday, August 7 and 8, 2023 at 9pm EST, I will go live and discuss and teach. Q & A will be held at the end of the program. You’ll even be able to go back and re-watch the recorded class videos for up to a month from when the class is offered.

Additional information

Sliding Pay Scale:

Under Employed, Living Pay Check-to Pay Check, Household with more than one car / eat out regularly, Living Comfortably / Car worth over $20,000, Support my work: pay someone else's place