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  • Hourly-Advice

    A 30-minute call


    Whether it’s time to buy a new (or new-to-you) car, or you’re gearing up for a big road trip and want to make sure your vehicle is cross-country ready, if you find yourself in need of automotive advice from a neutral source — who values saving money and helping you protect your investment — consider booking a phone call with Mechanic Shop Femme.

    During our call, which can be booked in 30-minute increments, I can help you sort through car and financing options, calm your fears about purchasing a lemon, and go through the basics of preventative maintenance specifically for your current or future vehicle.

    If you don’t think you need a full half hour for your concerns to be addressed, take a look at the Mechanic Shop Femme Tip Jar for emailed questions, or if you’re looking to build up more general knowledge, check out our list of virtual, sliding scale classes.


    Note: MSF is going on a short break starting August 21st. We'll be back to process your order after September 2nd.


  • interview-prep

    Interview Preparation & Practice


    Two phone calls discussing what a hiring manager will look for in an interview and helping you practice responses to questions.

  • Mechanic-check-in

    Mechanic Check-In


    I’ve worked in the automotive industry for years and have a pretty good barometer for people too. Some mechanics are gifts from above. Others, well, not so much.  


    For this package, I’ll discuss with you what issues your car is having, chat with your mechanic and then advise you on what repairs you really need.

  • Resume-rewrite

    Resume Rewrite


    Rewriting your resume to stand out against other automotive professionals.

  • money-mentalities-mechanic-shop-femme

    Salary Negotiations


    Create an actionable plan with you on how to ask for a raise.

  • Chaya Milchtein standing in a red jumpsuit in front of a black audi.

    The Whole She-Bang


    Buying a used car is STRESSFUL!

    I’ll take you through the entire process of buying a used car, and work with your budget to get you the best deal.  

    1. Discuss the type of car you’re looking for and discuss pros/cons of different makes and models

    2. Help you determine the best car for your budget

    3. Help you conduct online research to find a car

    4. Educate you on the pitfalls and risks of a car

    5. Provide support before you inspect a car, as well as guide you through the inspection process

    6. Suggest an offer price + reasons for offering lower and tips for negotiating. 

    This package includes email access as well as 3 hour long phone calls with full access to me, with about a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. Calls must be scheduled. 

    While I offer suggestions and advice, I am in no way held liable for purchasing decisions made by buyers. By purchasing this consulting package, you agree to absolve Chaya Milchtein and Mechanic Shop Femme of all liability.