The Whole She-Bang


Buying a used car is STRESSFUL!

I’ll take you through the entire process of buying a used car, and work with your budget to get you the best deal.  

1. Discuss the type of car you’re looking for and discuss pros/cons of different makes and models

2. Help you determine the best car for your budget

3. Help you conduct online research to find a car

4. Educate you on the pitfalls and risks of a car

5. Provide support before you inspect a car, as well as guide you through the inspection process

6. Suggest an offer price + reasons for offering lower and tips for negotiating. 

This package includes email access as well as 3 hour long phone calls with full access to me, with about a maximum turnaround time of 24 hours. Calls must be scheduled. 

While I offer suggestions and advice, I am in no way held liable for purchasing decisions made by buyers. By purchasing this consulting package, you agree to absolve Chaya Milchtein and Mechanic Shop Femme of all liability.

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Sliding pay scale:

un/under employed, living paycheck-to-paycheck, living comfortably, Comfortable + want support my work