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Yes, Fat Folks NEED To Feel Sexy Too...

I recently posted on my Instagram about fat folks feeling sexy,  desirable and wanted. This is so important. We don’t just want to be loved. We want to be looked at like to hottest thing out there. We want to feel like our partners can’t take there eyes off of us. 

One of the ways we can help put ourselves in that sexy mood is by wearing lingerie that is well made and fits our bodies. That’s right folks, fat folks wear skimpy SEXY clothing too. 

Here are a few of my recent favorites from indie brands and the big box plus size stores alike. Wearing these outfits I felt and looked sexy (my partner agrees)!

First up is this fabulous red baby-doll from Hips and Curves. This comes with a thong (I didn’t like the thong) but the baby-doll fits just right and the bust is structured and doesn’t cut into my skin. It just slightly covers the top of my butt and damn is it sexy! Here’s the best part, it’s on sale for $19.95!

This sensual one piece is a gem from Curvy Girl Lingire. It buckles between my legs which is great for easy access and has a comfortable thong backside. My belly feels loved and fabulous! These thigh highs actually stay up and have a glorious rear seam. While this piece is temporarily out of stock, here’s a fairly similar one I know you will love.

This cotton plunge push up bra is so delicious (pun intended) I didn’t want to take it off! Lemons all over, this pushes the envelope of sexy into another category. I don’t wear this for a man. I wear this for myself. The field I shot this in was on the side of the main road and people let there thoughts about my attire heard while I posed. (I’m not the only one that loves this) The panties come in different styles, but I am wearing these

Ok so I don’t wear a whole lot of black and white but this set is so artistic. I feel like a prized painting wearing it! The bra is a front closer (gives you killer cleavage) with crisscross design in the back, the panties sit at the correct place on my belly and the robe just feels like decadence.  This is really a perfect set for a boudoir shoot. 

This set is also just as comfortable to wear underneath your clothing to work or on an adventure. The front closure allows for an easy on and off for those of use that find it hard to hook 6 hooks behind our backs. The panties can be worn above or below your belly easily. 

More stockings! Until I started modeling I had no idea stockings excited that fit my fat thighs and would actually stay up! These stockings from Hips and Curves are perfect for the bedroom or to take your outfit up a notch. They stay up! The cute bows on top are just perfect. 

I need to be honest here. I don’t like this outfit, but maybe you will? This is from Ashley Stewart . Sexy doesn’t just come in reds and blacks. This purple combo is definitely suited for those sexy times! With more of a boy short lacy panties and a full coverage bra, this fit my body comfortably.

Curvy Girl really hit a home run with this stunning little number. I’m usually one for less is better when it comes to sexy clothing, but this almost has me changing my mind. This robe is as smooth as silk, classy and super supportive in the bra part. Straps are adjustable! I love the super high slit and lace up back on this robe. Worth every penny. 

Have you jumped on the bralette train yet? This slate colored bralette is so perfect. I wore it as both a crop top and as a comfy sexy time option. I feel hot when I am wearing this! I did get a 4x, rather then the 3x I wore in other items from Hips and Curves. This piece feels super comfortable, the fabric is lovely, it’s easy to take on and off and it comes in a few different color options!

Today is the one year anniversary of when I started blogging. This post was so important for me. It shows how far I’ve come. It shows that my dream of pairing fashion, fatness and automotive education is and was possible. Thank you for joining me on my journey. You can expect me to continue writing and teaching about cars but branching out to cover even more fashion, lifestyle and love. 

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