Where Can I Find an Honest and Reliable Mechanic?

Pardon my silliness, but doesn’t it feel like sometimes you have to use binoculars to looks for an honest mechanic?

The Method

My method of finding a good quality, trustworthy mechanic is simple. Start by figuring out what type of shop you want to use. Then, make a list of shops that you want to consider. 

Ask Your Network

Ask Your Network


If you don’t have a network or you just want to have an extra layer of security, the RepairPal network is a place to look for a new mechanic. 

Napa Auto Care Centers

One of the reasons that some car owners prefer corporate shops is the national warranty they are offered. This is really convenient for people who drive long distances for work, take frequent road trips, snowbirds, and people who like to live a more nomadic life. 

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