Five Places to Look for Your Next Used Car

“When you are ready to buy your next used car, where do you even start? ”

Facebook Marketplace

My favorite way to buy almost anything secondhand these days is on Facebook Marketplace. The way the marketplace is set up, it allows you to search for a specific car or brand and a specific search distance.


Edmunds is one of the more comprehensive sites out there. With information ranging from vehicle reviews to new and used car sales, it’s one of my top five sites for searching for a used car. 


Some of us might think that Craigslist is somehow old school. However, many people have now gotten comfortable with using the site. If you are looking to buy a car from a private seller, Craigslist is a place you should check out.

Kelly Blue Book

You probably have heard of Kelly Blue Book before. They are mainly known for helping car owners and buyers understand how much a car is really worth.  With its valuation services, Kelly Blue Book has allowed regular people to avoid significantly overspending on car purchases.


You must be thinking, “Chaya, come on!” But really, newspapers are still a great source of listings for older well maintained cars. If you don’t have a huge budget, it’s the perfect place to look.



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