U Go Girl Work Tools

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Y’all already know that my head is spinning with all this moving that I have to do, and somehow, I lost the few home tools that I had. Moving requires me to measure and plan what will fit into my car, pull out nails where I hung up picture frames and take down my curtains among other things. 

I recently learned about U Go Girl’s Work Tools and they sent me their pink tool kit. Now knowing me, I love colors, the more the merrier. My first impression of the tool kit was of the packaging and how compact this kit was. I love the bright pink case with a spot for every tool. Also at only $45 duh, what could possibly be better. 

Now, obviously women don’t have to use pink tools. But, when you’re a woman who feels intimidated by a toolset, it’s helpful to pick a company that explicitly designs them for women. If you’re worried about your male partner ‘taking over’ when you’re learning, the pink is a nice reminder that these are YOUR tools, baby!

Per Amazon, the kit includes: 

–  A 12 oz. forged carbon steel claw hammer with a magnetic nail slot in the head to start nails one-handed. 
– A 16′ rubber gripped tape measure with 1/8” fractional markings. 
– A multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver with 3 positions and 3 shank lengths. 
– Slip-joint and needle nose pliers with a built-up rubber grip for comfort. 
–  A 9” magnetic level with 3 vials for plumb, level and 45 degrees. 
–  A 6” wrench for turning bolts. Also handy for keeping in your bike pouch. 
–  A box cutter that folds up for safety/storage. The blade is easily replaced with standard double sided blades.

These tools are of a really high quality, and considering how heavy the standard tool set is, these are surprisingly light. I love how the handles of the tools are made a little smaller to fit easily into a smaller hand, yet they do the job of the most heavy duty set. 


The hammer head is made to hold the nail with a magnet so hopefully (like me) you don’t slam the head of your hammer on your fingers. The level, this is something I didn’t even think about buying, but it’s actually so useful. I’ll be putting up pictures and curtains at my new place and I hate when things are straight on the wall. It just bugs me you know?

I love pocket knives, but they get dull so fast. This kit comes with a box cutter or knife with a replacement razor blade so it’s always sharp for me to break down boxes or open those annoying hard plastic packages.

Dress from Gwynnie Bee

I would say that I would love if these kits came in so many more colors! Like purple, green, maybe yellow? 

What color would you like to see this tool set in? Do you do basic home repair yourself? 

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