Some of the brands included are sponsored, some I picked out to include without sponsorship and there are affiliate links included. 

Everything in this guide come from brands that I firmly support and believe in.

It’s that season again, but here’s the thing, you can give gifts for any occasion. These are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other momentous occasions. Without further ado here are some of my favorite gifts for the badass queer babe:

Valery designs some badass sweatshirts and t-shirts that go up to a 5x and are ethically sourced. All inclusive feminist designs, this is the perfect gift for the babe that wants to announce her opinions to the world loudly and proudly.

Bonus: a portion of your purchase goes to support one of the incredible organisations which you choose at checkout!

Cost: $23 – $35

Agnes is a brilliant artist that designs unique holiday cards for all your badass babe gifts! These greeting cards are the perfect addition to any gift or as a gift on it’s own. Sometimes dropping a card with a few meaningful words can bring a smile to a babes face with no additional gifts needed.

Cost: $5

Us activist babes and other folks that spend a lot of time on their feet tend to come home in so much pain. This California based small business has spent 30 years focusing on our feet! One of my favorite things to do after a long day is to slip on these amazing ice slippers from Heel that Pain. While an unusual gift, it’s literally easily my favorite gift to give. Everyone appreciates this! 

For those of you that are looking for stocking stuffers or small gifts, check out the liquid insoles and gel heels seats. 

See my full review here


Cost: $19.99

Can we talk about self care? I find art to be very soothing and this kit is the perfect gift for the badass queer babe. I gotta tell you, cross stitching is both challenging and relaxing. Junebug and Darlin makes cross stitching kits that are literally the perfect way to decorate your house. Kits range from constellation designs for the astrology babe to the F*ck your gender roles kit which screamed my name. 

Cost: $16 – $40

Have that high femme makeup lover that you are looking for the perfect gift for? Or the makeup beginner? Milk Makeup has one of the best gift sets in the market. I love that it covers everything from hydration to priming and mascara. Milk Makeup is vegan and never tests on animals. They feature diverse models (not just womxn) and are all around a really badass company. The products are made to be applied with your fingertips so you don’t need any fancy brushes or tools.

Cost: $39

Subscriptions make fabulous gifts, especially when you can customize the length of the gift. The Body Love Box is the perfect gift for the plus size babe of any gender in your life. This box is filled with stickers, art, body liberation books and zines, coloring pages and so much more! This box is really about community and connecting with fabulous people that want to love their bodies. This box with feature artists and writers that are super fat, POC and LGBTQ.

Cost: $38  |  Use coupon code MECHANICSHOPFEMME for 15% off!

Do you have a queer babe in your life that have large calves or complains that boots never fit? Boots by PAMELA has you covered! This fab owned small business caters specifically to babes with wide calves fitting up to a size 12 foot. I’ve bought a few pairs of boots from here over the last few years and I love them. High quality and look beautiful too.


Cost: $59 – $159

Don’t worry, most of the prints by this incredible artist is PG13. Every time I walk into the room where this print is hanging I smile. Kinky or not, prints by this remarkable artist are perfect for the queer babe that’s finally decorating their home or apartment. Print range from celebrities to animals to human sexuality.


Cost: Varies

This is a journal or a game or a way to connect deeply with friends. This journal is the perfect gift for your bestie, college roomate, high school BFF or anyone you know with a long lasting friendship. This gift is interactive and so much fun! I’m so excited to fill this out maybe even with my high school bestie.

“Your twenties and early thirties come with landmark moments—graduating college, moving to new places, starting new jobs, and finding the perfect people to spend your time with. Now, with Fill Me In, you can capture and preserve those memories—and make predictions for the future.”


Cost: $12.21

Give the gift of empowerment to your favorite queer babe. These classes are taught by me! Giving this gift offers access to the recipient for any of the online automotive classes that are offered in 2018-2019. Classes include: How the Heck Do I Buy a Used Car?, The Why’s and When’s of Car Maintenance, How the Heck do I Buy or Lease a New Car?.

Mechanic Shop Femme is a education and empowerment platform. With a live blog, consultations and a multitude of online automotive classes this is the go to place for all things cars. Taught by a queer femme, this information is easily digestible, honest and comprehensive. Any queer babe would love this fabulous gift!


Cost: $99

This is the perfect gift to yourself! Sleep is so precious and really is the foundation for the quality of your day. Big Fig Mattresses is having their biggest sale of the year over this holiday season + you can combine it with financing. Sometimes we focus so hard on gifting to others while loosing focus on taking care of ourselves. The Big Fig Mattress is specifically designed for fat babes that need support and a mattress that lasts at least 20 years. Backed by a steller warranty this is a gift you won’t be replacing any time soon. 

Cost: starting at $1299 Use Coupon Code MECHANICFEMME to save!
Have a fashionable fat babe in your life? Eloquii has unique fabulous clothing ranging from your business fundamentals to squince runway numbers! Some of my favorite gifts have come from this site. Whether you are looking for a gift for the queer workaholic in your life or the babe that wants to be a model, Eloquii has a gift for you. 
Cost: varies
I hope you love my gift giving guide for the badass queer babe. Please surscribe here for more gift guides, automotive empowerment content and loads and loads of plus size fashion. I had so much fun putting this together!

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