Swollen, tired feet? Here's what I do!

This is a sponsored post done in collaboration with Heel that Pain. This article is written by me using my own opinions on the products shared. I have personally tried each and every one of the things that I have recommended. Posts like this allow me to continue my work and blog. If you choose to purchase the products I have recommended – I would greatly appreciate if you would use the links that I have included in the article.  Doing this shows brands that I matter. 

Ice Slippers
Read until the end, I speak about these fabulous Ice Slippers!

Some of the perks of my day job include spending most of the day on my feet running around from one end of the shop to another. I don’t know about you, but my feet are swollen and hurt so damn bad throughout and at the end of every day. Sometime after work once I take my work shoes off, my feet are too swollen to fit in my cute flats. 

After trying out lots and lot of insoles, taping my ankles, those ugly compression socks (you know the tan ones?) I just kind of gave up on cute comfortable shoes. I mainly wear Dansko’s at work since they have a built in orthotic for my arch, but they have no heel support whatsoever. 

In come Heel that Pain. This incredible company has a flagship product there patented heel seat which has been developed with 30 years of research behind it to help craft the  Fascia-Bar™technology. Heel that Pain is the first shoe insert with a patent awarded in the last 10 years. According to their website, “The Fascia-Bar has been clinically proven to be effective at treating heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.”


Y’all I got this product in the mail about three weeks ago. I expected a pretty bulky insole which I’ve tried 100 times but this sure wasn’t that. The heel seat came in the standard material or a gel option. I popped the standard classic ones into my girlfriends work shoes and the gel option into my shoes. 

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my heel seats. I wore them for a FEW hours and in really helped bring down my pain. For my girlfriend on the other hand, it took a few days for her get used to the feeling of having the inserts in her shoes but then it was amazing. These heel seats  are fairly thin, non bulky at all and perfect for all your work shoes.

Full Length Orthotics

For the cute flats you want to wear that don’t have any kind of arch, I tried out the full length orthotics with arch support and a built in heel seat. Y’all these are amazing. I often hate wearing cute shoes because my feet hurt so bad during and after wearing them. With these full length orthotics, my shoes fit well and are super comfy to wear.

They sent me a few other products to review including ice slippersand ankle length compression socks. Icing your feet while they are raised when they are swollen is so hard! Just pop the slippers into the freezer then they have a velcro attachment to easily attach them to your feet. The compression socks are actually so much cuter then the long tan colored once and super soft. I DO wish they made the socks in black.

I haven't even told y'all the best part of all of this! Can you believe that almost everything mentioned is under $34.95!! At such an affordable price I can't see why you would continue walking around in pain.

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