Self Esteem Required On The Job

What does modeling and self-esteem have anything to do with working at a shop?

How does modeling make me a better employee?

While it does seem kind of irrelevant, in this blog post I will get into how these things work hand in hand for me.

People around me know my tag line, my motto:

"I am beautiful and deserving of love, clothing that looks sexy on my body and to feel empowered and feminine."

 The first time I looked into the back end of a professional camera I was a high school senior taking my yearbook photo. My adviser knew that as a kid in the foster care system a professional photography session was out of question for me and enlisted her daughter who was a photographer to take my photos. She took me into the area in front of the school building and helped me relax enough to take my photos. I left the shoot (that only lasted about 20 minutes) feeling loved, beautiful and refreshed. When I got the photos back I was so impressed that I wanted to feel like I did again. It was over a year before I got another opportunity.

I was working at Sears Auto Center in Brooklyn, feeling blahh and not in the least bit feminine or beautiful when I came across a listing from a local photographer looking to refresh his portfolio. He wanted regular people to model for an hour in exchange for photo they could use. Tentatively I sent him an email expressing my interest. Much to my astonishment he replied within the hour excited for the opportunity to shoot me.

The next week was a high for me. The feeling like someone else thought my body was beautiful and feminine helped me be in the best mood in a while. Excitement coursed thru my veins and my sales went through the roof. That week was my first week being in the top ten of sales in the Sears Auto Center Network. My loved for my body increased tenfold.

After that time I started modeling for photographer as a regular practice every few months. My self-confidence has sky rocketed and I fell in love with my body.

As a sales person and a female service manager – I deal with customers doubting my ability and speaking down to me all day every day. This tends to have a negative impact on my moral. Falling in love with myself and the increased feeling of confidence and poise has helped me deal with the discouragement of every day work. My self-confidence projects on my customers and they trust me more.

My first photo-shoot with a professional makeup artist.

These days I inspire people around me with my self-love and confidence in myself and my team. More and more problems that build up at work I allow to roll off my shoulders. Modeling taught me this and every time I need a reminder I schedule another photo-shoot or look back on my incredible photos. Photographs don’t lie and seeing myself through them is enlightening.

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