Educate Yourself:

The Why's and When's of Car Maintenance


Upcoming Workshop:

Folks keep bringing up the same topic with me: maintenance.

Have you ever looked at your car and thought, “WHEN do I need to do ______?”  

Ever in the shop and wonder, “WHY do I need to replace _____________?

This class  will answer all your questions about car maintenance. 

You will receive an overview of car maintenance, so you’ll know when to perform specific car maintenance tasks and just as importantly, why you need to do it.  We’ll talk about changing fluids, filters, rotating tires, etc.

I’ll delve into explaining everything from how of often you need to change you oil to what power steering fluid even does in you car and why it has to be changed.

Y’all everything will be explained in a way you can understand: not in mechanic talk!

We will cover the topics below on the following days.
(+ time for Q and A)

Monday, July 30th:

Oil changes – how often, what type of oil

Coolant – why and how often

Power steering fluid – why and how often

Filter (Cabin, Air, Gas) – What they do and when they need to be changed

Tuesday, July 31st:

Transmission Fluid – Why is needs to be changed and how often

Drive Belts – what the belt does and how often should be changed

Tires – how often to rotate, tire pressure, when they need to be changed

Alignments – What is it, how often, what are the benefits

Wednesday, August 1st:

Timing Belts – What this belt does, and how often is needs to be changed

Engine Flushes – Should you actually do this? How often?

Fuel System Cleanings – What these do and how often

Fuel Additives – Should I buy, what brand?

Air Conditioning recharges – What does this even do? How often?

While we won’t be getting into the DIY aspect of car maintenance, I will provide you with some great YouTube resources that show you how to do things like replace bulbs and change your oil.


Class is sliding scale $69 – $159 USD payable via PayPal. This is an effort to accommodate a range of budgets and needs. With the right information you’ll save lots of money over the life of you car by avoiding services you don’t need!

$69 – folks who are un/under employed

$99 – folks who have a full time job but live paycheck to paycheck

$129 – Folks who have a car newer then 2008, brunch regularly etc.

$159 – Folks whose households own more then one car or have a car worth $15k or more

If you can afford more, please choose a higher rate as it will allow me to continue offering discounted rates. 

For each person that pays at the top of the sliding scale (ie $159), I will add $20 into the fund for folks that can’t afford to take this class. Priority goes to POC, trans people and folks with disabilities.

Where/When is this class held?

Class is held in a private Facebook group July 30th – August 1st. Every evening at 10:00pm EST I will go live and discuss and teach. You’ll be able to ask questions live. You’ll even be able to go back and re-watch the recorded class videos as long as Facebook allows. 

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