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How the Heck Do I Buy A Used Car?


Upcoming Workshop:

Maybe you have a car and it’s on it’s last leg, or maybe you took a break from driving and now you want to buy a car? Or you are a first time car buyer all together! You’re searching the web and are overwhelmed with the options, price tags, and just the whole process.

People have been DMing me for years about buying cars, and I finally decided it’s time to hold a class. Round one of this class was incredibly successful with folks leaving with all the car buying knowledge needed.  Buying a used car shouldn’t be so complicated. Armed with the process and information, you will be less likely to buy a lemon or get scammed spending way more money then you expect.

We will cover the topics below on the following days.
(+ time for Q and A)


– Budget Information

– Car loans

– Cash Purchases

– Car Reliability

– Best Car For Your Specific Budget

– Where to Buy the Car (Online resources, Car Lots, Dealerships etc)


– Which dealerships to buy from

– Places to stay away from

– Financing detail for before you begin shopping

– The test drive and what to listen for

– Checking over the car yourself, before you pay a mechanic


-Finding a mechanic to inspect the car and build a relationship with

-Deciding to make the purchase

-Determining how much you should be paying for the car

-The art of negotiating

-Negotiating with a dealer verses a private party

I’ll be answering questions live and molding the content around the specific needs of the group I’m teaching. You’ll have access to my vast portfolio of information to ask anything you want to make the process the smoothest for you.


Class is sliding scale $89 – $159 payable via PayPal. This is an effort to accommodate a range of budgets and needs. With the right information you can save a whole lot of money by buying a great car from the start!

The $89 rate is for folks who are unemployed or employed part time ranging to $159 rate for folks who have a budget of over 10k, buying their second car etc.

Pick a price in this range that works for you. If you can afford more, please choose a higher rate as it will allow me to continue offering discounted rates. 

For each person that pays at the top of the sliding scale (ie $159), I will add $20 into the fund for folks that can’t afford to take this class. Priority goes to POC, trans people and folks with disabilities.

Where/When is this class held?

This is an online class that is held in a private Facebook group June 25 – 27th. Every evening at 10:00pm EST I will go live and discuss and teach. You’ll be able to ask questions live. You’ll even be able to go back and re-watch the recorded class videos as long as Facebook allows. 

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