Educate Yourself:
How to Find a Mechanic

Upcoming Workshop:

People keep reaching out to me with the same question: How do I find a good mechanic? 

How do I choose one shop from the next?

Have you ever gone to a shop and left with a bad feeling in your mouth? 

I’m teaching this very class to give you a road map on finding a quality mechanic.

Topics covered in this class:

– Where to look for a mechanic

– What questions to ask

– How to sort through reviews your find online

– Mechanic shop etiquette.

– We’re even going to dive in to the differences between franchise shops, corporate shops and independent chains.

– I’ll touch on warranty on repair and how to be sure you are covered when you need the coverage.

Pretty much this class is a through explanation and guide to a shop, finding a trust worthy one and how to pick a shop on other factors as well like warranties and independence.

Y’all everything will be explained in a way you can understand:  not in mechanic talk!


This is a one day class that will last  1 hour and 15 minutes.  

Class is designed to be interactive and you have the ability to ask questions during and for three days after the class is over. 


How much does this class cost?

Class is sliding scale $39 – $119 USD payable via PayPal. This is an effort to accommodate a range of budgets and needs. With the right information you can save a whole lot of money over the life of your car and give you a guide to finding the best mechanic no matter where you are. 

Here’s a guide to the sliding scale:

$39 – folks who are un/under employed

$59 – folks who live paycheck to paycheck

$89 – For those living comfortably.

$119 – People who want to support the work that I do.

If you can afford more, please choose a higher rate as it will allow me to continue offering discounted rates. 

For each person that pays at the top of the sliding scale (ie $119), I will add $20 into the fund for folks that can’t afford to take this class. Priority goes to POC, trans people and folks with disabilities.

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