Automotive Consulting

Think of me as a friendly neighbour; one who knows a lot about cars.  I’m here to answer questions, advise + give you peace of mind.


Need advice on where to purchase spark plugs or a refurbished rear view mirror? Trying to figure out if you really need 93 gasoline? The Tip Jar is here for quick questions and advice. 

Cost: $5 – $35  |  BOOK A CALL

Some mechanics are gifts from above and others, well, not so much.

If you think you’re being taken for a ride, I’ll give you a call to talk with you about the issues your car is having then I’ll chat with your mechanic and advise you on what repairs you really need.

Cost: $75  |  BOOK A CALL

Need help with researching a car, or are you trying to figure out if you need a warranty from a dealership?  

This package is for someone who wants to talk through their options about a specific part of the car buying process.

Cost: $55/30 minutes  |  BOOK A CALL

I’ll take you through the entire process of buying a new/used car and help find you the best car for you and your budget. 

  – Discuss your needs and the  pros/cons of different cars

  – Decide the best car for your budget

  –  Help you conduct online research 

  –  Talk about pitfalls and risks of a car

  –  I’ll provide support  when you inspect a car + help you talk with a mechanic about the car you’re considering

  – Suggest a price + help you negotiate

This package includes 24/7 access to advice with quick turnaround (I aim for less than 8 hours).

Cost: $350 – $579  |  BOOK A CALL


Please note that while I do provide personalized services designed to advise you on automotive topics and products, I am not liable for any defective cars and/or parts received as well as any negative experiences during this process with third party individuals. 

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