Career Coaching

Trying to get a job at a dealership, mechanic shop (as a mechanic or service manager) or looking to join the industry and wanting to talk to someone about it? 

I’m here to help! 

Interview Prep + Practice​

Two phone calls discussing what a hiring manager will look for in an interview and helping you practice responses to questions.

Resume Writing

I’ll rewrite your resume to help you speak the language of hiring managers and help you stand out against other candidates.

Salary Negotiation

Talking money is difficult. We’ll create an actionable plan for you to ask for the raise you deserve.


Not sure which option best suits you, or looking for something a little different? Just ask 🙂 

Please note that while I do provide personalized services designed to advise you on automotive topics and products, I am not liable for any defective cars and/or parts received as well as any negative experiences during this process with third party individuals. 

In regards to social media management, no specific growth is guaranteed. View disclosures and privacy policy.