Changing Money Mentalities

This is a sponsored post done in collaboration with Badass Budget Babe. All opinions are entirely my own. I only share content I fully believe in.


Money feelings...

These can overwhelm and figuring out what to do with money and how to hold on to some of it can be so damn difficult. 

I’ve tried for years to figure out my complex feelings and most importantly how to hold on to some of it. 

See, I grew up super poor. I’m not rich by any means now, but I’m not poor anymore either. I’ve had better months and worst months. Somehow, I’ve never managed to hold on to any amount in savings. 

Emergencies always came up. Money just always disappeared. 

I needed desperately someone to help me straighten out what I do with my money once I have it. Most importantly I needed someone to help me learn how to change my mentality and ingrained opinions about money. 

In comes Ary of Badass Budget Babe

This babe is based in California and literally teaches people like me how to do money. After a little Facebook back and forth and a short video chat I was sold. I NEEDED Ary to help me figure money out because I was so tired of working 75 hours a week and always being broke.  All those emergencies kept adding up. 

Ary laid out a super clear schedule and plan on how she was going to help me overhaul my budget, learn to change my money mentality and help me make more money. 

The program was designed to work quarterly with 6 weekly sessions, then 3 bi weekly sessions. 

In just my first 2 calls I was already determined to stick to a budget we created together that is made to actually work with my lifestyle. She didn’t order me to cut anything out, just really helped me see where all my money was going every month. 

We worked into my budget things I’ve been telling myself I’d set as goals for years ie saving money for retirement and eventually buying a house. 

For the first time in years I feel honestly confident that I have the ability to go out there and make money work my ass off and actually hold on to a little bit of it.

I’ve known Ary for literally just over a month now. She’s already changed my life and the way I deal with money.

I’m not nearly done working with her yet. 


Next we are going to tackle my business so I can plan and budget investing in myself. Without investing in myself I’m just overworking myself and doing things that I should really pay experts for.  I’m so excited to be clear about what I should put aside for taxes and how I should organize by books and deductions. I’m looking forward to taxes being a breeze due to her assistance. 

I know what you are thinking. This quarterly program is probably wildly expensive and the was my finances are now totally not affordable.  


It’s $500 folks. Ary builds payment plans for those that can use them.

Trust me, it’s the best investment in myself I’ve made in a long time. Think about the things you can accomplish in the next year if you could straighten out how you deal with your money, and how you think about money. 

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