Creating Content: 5 Ways

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My friend Marcy (a plus size blogger and fit model) took this incredible photo of me during a recent Insta-Girlfriend shoot we did. (Get this top here and skirt here.)

How do I get great photos to showcase on my Instagram?

1. Insta-girlfriend shoots are a fantastic low budget way to get a lot of great photo and really can be a whole lot of fun. This would involve finding one or two other small business owners or creatives and taking turns shooting each other. Generally, I bring 4 outfits or so to a shoot like that. We set aside 2-3 hours and drive around finding the perfect spots to shoot. We aren’t professional photographers, so we take boat loads of photos. There will be a few fantastic ones in the bunch. I love bringing fun accessories like these donuts earrings or wacky bag that I usually would include in a professional shoot. 

Eli Ortiz who is an incredible POC photographer took this film photo. Support their work here.

2. Trade for time photo shoots. Up and coming photographers and even some established ones look for people to photograph for there website, portfolio or to try out new techniques. This is another low budget or even free way to get some fantastic images.   Photography Facebook groups and craigslist are great places to find these opportunities

Studio shooting is an option for some, while other prefer shooting outdoors.

3. Paid photographers: While paying a photographer might not be in everyone’s budget, you can work out a package deal with a photographer. By building a relationship and guaranteeing a certain amount of money, you are most likely to get the best deal. This is especially important for creatives that have a physical product that needs to be showcased by a professional.

Selfie sticks allow a range of backgrounds and setting for great photos (if you practice).

4. Selfie sticks and tripods with timers: So most people utilize Instagram via photos, but have you ever thought of doing a short video or going live? I love this ring light for that. It gives you great lighting for the videos but is also fantastic for setting your phone on a timer and taking makeup close ups. As so tripods and selfie sticks, this can really up your game when it comes to the variety of photos you can take. Just set your phone on a timer and take a whole bunch. I love this selfie stick and tripod combo from amazon. 

This is an example of one of the many detailed photos taken during a stylized shoot.

5. Styled shoots: This is a fantastic option for models as well as anyone that makes goods that can be used at weddings and other such events. Calligraphers, suit makers, dress makers, tie designers, invitation makers, florists, makeup artists, even people who make headbands, lingerie, shoes, tablecloths etc.

Here is how this works: Usually a photographer or a party planner will plan a shoot like this. They will ask you to send in your products to someone and they will have 1-10 or so photographers that will shoot the “event.” In exchange for giving your product to make the event perfect, they will send you photos that were taken of it. There is an official website here, but these are held by regular people as well and are usually free/less expensive. I would check photography Facebook groups as well as the Facebook group for styled shoots across America. 

Another fantastic photo by the fabulous Marcy. Skirt can be purchased here.

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